Friday, December 24, 2021

PUZZLE #98: "Do They Come In Other Styles?" (I Think You Should Theme)

SOLUTION to the last puzzle

crosswords + i think you should leave = i think you should theme. Think of them as Grid Charlemagnes for people who do not listen to Steely Dan so much but watch "I Think You Should Leave" a fair amount. Thanks Ada for coming up with the "I Think You Should Theme" title.

A few other items of interest:

  • I was lucky enough to collaborate with Megan Amram on a puzzle for the New Yorker's first-ever Cartoons and Puzzles issue. Early reviews say it's "impossible," but maybe it won't be impossible for you. 
  • You seen this Kickstarter? Pretty cool. I'd fund it if I were you.

Happy solving,


  1. I actually finished a Paolo Pasco puzzle!

  2. Being a huge fan of I Think You Should Leave, was highly amused and impressed when i got how the shirt pulling worked. Though I happed to have it on good authority TC Tuggers do not come in other styles. :)

    1. thanks you for solving the puzzle, and for thinking that it is cool