Expansion Pack: A Puzzle Suite

Excited to be releasing Expansion Pack, a set of puzzles of all sizes, starting at 3x3 and ending at 17x17! If you're a regular solver of this website, you know the vibe—expect some fun stuff, some weird stuff, and maybe even some twists ;)

There are two versions of the set: the normal Expansion Pack is FREE and comes with the nine main puzzles in the set (though, if you feel so inclined, you can pay what you want). Expansion Pack XL, however, has everything in the normal suite, plus a bonus 21x themeless! 

You can buy the puzzles from Gumroad below. If the embed is broken, you can also find the link here.

Happy solving!


  1. Hi Paolo, I bought the Expansion pack xl and downloaded the files. I couldn't open the Exp. Pack file with my Adobe Acrobat. Tried downloading it twice and got the same message.
    "There was a problem reading this document." Ironically the Bonus Puzzle worked fine (and I enjoyed solving it!) Any thoughts?
    Chris K.

  2. just wanted to let you know that i was solving the 15x15 on a mac and i didn't know what the 29 across clue (command+option+esc) did.....