Sunday, March 28, 2021

VARIETY PUZZLE: Who's Zoomin' Who?

GOOGLE SHEET (to copy the Google Sheet, click on "File" then "Make a copy"—that should create a version of the sheet that you can edit)

Variety puzzle time! This one's a Packing Crates, a puzzle type invented by Patrick Berry and seen in the WSJ, where you have to place answers in Rows and rectangular Boxes. And, after spending a year seeing people's faces in little boxes on my little screen while I go to my little classes, this type of puzzle feels especially appropriate.

Credit where credit's due: first, many thanks to Ricky for test-solving—his input really improved this puzzle over the first draft. And, if you like puzzles like these, check out the variety suite Patrick Berry just dropped. All the puzzles are great (of course), but the Packing Crates was a real standout. It's also where I got the idea to make one of these, but he doesn't need to know that

Email me if you have any questions/need help! As always, hope you enjoy!

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