Sunday, September 13, 2020

PUZZLE #73: "I Love It When You..." (by Brooke Husic!)

SOLUTION to the last puzzle

Guest puzzle guest puzzle! Happy to be presenting a puzzle by Brooke Husic, whose work you might've seen at the USA Today, the New York Times, and any number of indie outlets. She does great stuff regularly, so many thanks to her for gracing this site with some of that greatness!

Notes from Brooke:

Thrilled to be here again with a puzzle that Had To Be Made after I noticed the relevant pattern. Many thanks to Paolo for hosting me; he's the best. His recent guest midi on Amanda's site is amazing (I for one support more (i) anniversary content and (ii) nonstandard symmetry, and this midi has both)!!! Also, I had the immense honor/pleasure of test solving Paolo's Expansion Pack and *highly* recommend it if you haven't checked it out already!!!

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Follow her on her Twitters if you're not on that already—hope you enjoy the puzzle!


  1. I'm feeling really stupid here, but I just did not get this puzzle. Can someone please explain the theme answers to me? Thanks!

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