Tuesday, September 8, 2020

PUZZLE #72: Numbers Game

SOLUTION to the last puzzle

Hello! A few notes:

-I haven't officially announced this on my blog, but Expansion Pack is officially out! Check it out at the link above—pay what you want for the main set of puzzles, and $10 can get you all that plus a bonus 21x21 themeless!
-I also haven't linked these yet, but I've had a few guest spots out! Namely this puzzle on Et Tu Etui, and this less-dumb themeless collab with Adam Nicolle. And, more coming (hopefully) soon
-I just rejoined the NPL (nom: picasso), so if you're down to clown with that, feel free to say hi and/or tell me what an "enigma" is
-Please tell Sid you want to see this happen, because I want this to happen so hard

Small puzzle today—hope you enjoy!


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