Monday, June 1, 2020

some words + a bonus puzzle

Different kind of post today.

Send me (at pascopuzzles [at] gmail [dot] com) a screenshot of your donation to the Black Lives Matter donation drive of your choice and I'll send you a brand new 17x themeless. If you donate more than $50, I'll make you a midi with clue/answer of your choice. Erik Agard is doing the same thing on his twitter, so please check that out as well.

Above all, please please keep doing the work. Do research, make phone calls, keep donating, anything you can.

Hope you're well,

UPDATE: Sid Sivakumar of Sid's Grids has gracefully contributed a puzzle of his own. Now, if you donate, you get a 17x17 themeless and a 25x9 themed puzzle. It's a very good puzzle, so if the 17x17 themeless + the knowledge of contributing to a worthy cause still has you on the fence, let this be the factor to push you over the edge.

UPDATE #2: Matthew Stock of Happy Little Puzzles has also generously chipped in with a lovely 15x15 themeless, making for three puzzles (17x17 and 15x15 themeless, 25x9 themed) per donation.

UPDATE #3: Two new puzzles in the mix: one 15x15 themeless from Steve Mossberg of Square Pursuit, and an 11x11 themeless collab from USA Today extraordinaire Brooke Husic and rising crossword star Ria Dhull.

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