Sunday, June 28, 2020

PUZZLE #64: "Recess!"

SOLUTION to the last puzzle

A few bullets:

  • Don't miss this Rebecca Falcon thread about a very important topic in crosswords
  • Two days until the book drops! Buy one for the kid/kid-at-heart in your life.
  • The offer here still stands—one donation, five puzzles. Will also commit to making a midi for everyone who qualifies, no exceptions, so hop on that train if that suits you. Thank you to everyone who's donated so far—ran the numbers yesterday and it came to over $12,000 (!!) so far. Hats off to the puzzle community for chipping in for a good cause.
  • I would be remiss not mentioning some banger puzzle suites that have dropped recently: Ricky Cruz's "Crossing Words," Will Nediger's "Escape the Grid," and Eric Berlin's "The Social Distancing Puzzles." They don't miss, any of them.
Quirky theme in today's puzzle—thanks to Ria for help with some of the clues. Puzzle-wise, keep an eye out for more drops soon.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. how do you do rebuses on this applet?

    1. first letter of the rebus word should work!