Sunday, April 25, 2021

PUZZLE #91: Themeless 26

SOLUTION to last week's puzzle

Typing this with the online ACPT in another tab, so this is also gonna be a short post, but: been a fun first ACPT, great puzzles, great people, great presentations, highly recommend!  

This is the puzzle I brought to the Virtual Puzzle Table, so some people have already gotten the sneak peek of this puzzle. If you haven't solved it yet, check it out! If you have solved it—idk, solve it downs only or something? (Many thanks to official ACPT comedian Adam Nicolle for test solving!)

Hope you enjoy,

(luckily there is no chance sid will have to do this)


  1. Hi, new to ACPT this year, but I've been doing NYT puzzles only for a long time and am looking to branch out. Figured for as fast as you can solve, you can probably construct good ones and I found this one from Daily Crossword Links. Nice test, good cluing, a nice challenge, thanks!

    1. thanks so much for checking the site out! hope this was a fun introduction to the site (+ i also highly recommend all the other Daily Crossword Links blogs, they're quality)

  2. I'm behind on my solving, but it's never too late to express gratitude for a Grazyna Bacewicz shout-out! Excellent.